Thursday, October 22, 2009

Coming Home, Afghanistan

Okay, Coming Home was a pretty good anti-Vietnam War movie.

But what if it had been made ten years earlier, in 1968 instead of 1978?

I've heard it both ways. Some have said that it could only have been made once the war was over; others say that it would have been a truly great movie if it had been made while the war was going on, when it might have influenced events.

It's unlikely they could have gotten the money to make it in '68. If they made it then, they would have to have done it very cheaply.

Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas wanted to go to Vietnam and film Apocalypse Now in 16mm while the war was going on. I can't remember---I think they alarmed Roger Corman with that idea.

So----should you hurry and make a movie about the war in Afghanistan now, or wait until it's been over a few years? If you oppose the war, you'll be smeared either way.

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