Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lisa Lampanelli, Lewis Black and Carrot Top, And Rick Schmidt.

How did she know?

Okay...I heard comedienne Lisa Lampanelli interviewed on the radio this morning. She's going to perform here in Eugene. She talked to the DJs on a local radio station.

They mentioned other comedians who've performed here. She noted that people in Eugene sat quietly for Carrot Top, but yelled "You suck!" at Lewis Black.

Now, I wrote about that shameful event in the first entry on this blog. The moron yelling at Lewis Black. But how did Lisa Lampanelli know? As I said at the time, I thought the idiot who did it would be bragging about it to the world, but I couldn't find anything about it on the internet.

At least we were polite to Carrot Top.

Rick Schmidt on Netflix

Would-be and, I suppose, actual filmmakers have been reading Rick Schmidt's book, Feature Film-Making at Used Car Prices for years. The original version talked about making a 16mm feature for $6,000. It went up to $10,000 a few years later. Now the book has been revised and calls for digital video rather than 16mm.

The book mentions Jon Jost and Wayne Wang, whose movies I've seen. But I've never seen a Rick Schmidt movie. He's now produced about 20 of them. Schmidt conducts feature film workshops now. Ten people to get together and collectively write and direct a movie. So it appears from his website that he's making a movie a year or more.

I haven't seen Schmidt's movies in video stores. There's nothing on You Tube. He's selling them for $29.95 on his website.

But now it looks like Netflix is making his 1983 movie, Emerald Cities, available. You can save it but you can't rebt it yet.

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