Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jay Leno on Orprah

Even Oprah is mad at him!

I didn't see it, but apparently Oprah was picking on Jay Leno when he appeared in her show. Some coverage described Leno as whining. He did make an unkind comment about Conan's low ratings.

And apparently Oprah was siding with Conan, too. Told Leno that a joke he made about Letterman molesting his employees was "beneath him". This was in response to Letterman calling Leno "Big Jaw", or something.

Well, It's not Leno's fault he has a big jaw. But no one forced Letterman to have a love nest right there in his office where he would commit outrages against the innocence of junior staffers.

Jimmy Kimmel making fun of Leno on Oprah

"I don't think going on a comedy show and making jokes qualifies as a 'sucker punch'," he said.

He went in to say that his mistake when he went on Leno's show was thinking that Jay would have anything to say other than what was on the cue cards. He thought Leno would talk back, like comedians do.

Oprah's got nothing to brag about

Oprah's a monster. She was the one responsible for the state of these day time talk shows. Phil Donahue had a serious, respectable, informative show. The Oprah came along, stole his format and did shows on alien abductions and demonic possession. Donahue wouldn't sink to her level and he was run out. Then Oprah announced she was going to be classy for a change.

Word is that the reason she's retiring is that a new book is coming out about her and her disgusting show.

Leno and Letterman

Now, going back to the Tonight Show battle between Letterman and Leno, it seems that Johnny Carson, even though he made Leno his regular guest host, still intended to have David Letterman take over The Tonight Show, but Letterman was thwarted by Leno's backroom deals.

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