Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Breaking Bad again

I don't know. Maybe I was wrong about Breaking Bad.

I mean, maybe Walt's transformation into a bad, bad man was a bit more abrupt than I thought. Truth is, I haven't been watching the show regularly enough.

But he did show surprising physical courage early on which must have come in large part from being terminally ill. They should have shown him as teacher disciplining unruly teenagers to foreshadow his standing up to the drug dealers.

Having him drive a hideous Pontiac Aztek seems like a stroke of genius.

What were the other great automotive casting decisions?

Rockford Files---Jim Rockford's Firebird

Hawaii Five-O---those big black Ford LTDs.

The Avengers---Emma Peel's Lotus Elan.

Married With Children---Al Bundy's Dodge.

I wouldn't count any that were obvious or unsubtle. Like the truck on The Beverly Hillbillies, or that thing Tom Selleck drove around in on Magnum P.I. or the antique Thunderbird the guy drove on Vegas.

There was the Sunbeam, the Kharman Ghia and the Opel GT Maxwell Smart drove, but they only appeared in the opening.

And the worst automotive choice in a TV series:

The big American station wagon with wood on the sides that Charlie's Angels drove around in. And the Mustang II one of them had.

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