Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's just too easy

The problem facing low budget movie makers

There was an article posted somewhere. It discussed some poor wretch. Photography was his life. He became a professional photographer. But he was having a terrible time getting work. Newspapers and magazine are shrinking or disappearing completely. On top of that, everybody has a digital camera now. The article went on to tell about a housewife who posted photos on Flickr and now they're being purchased as stock photos.

Seems like independent filmmakers are in a similar boat. The world's full of video cameras. Anybody who wants to make a movie can make a movie. Even someone who just has a mild, passing interest in making a movie can make a movie. In fact, their movies would probably be better because they wouldn't try as hard.

What we need to do is this:

Sit down and watch hours and hours of You Tube videos. Then figure out how to distinguish your video from theirs.

There was a time when shakey hand-held cameras created the illusion of reality. Now it just makes it looks like something someone put on YouTube.

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