Sunday, June 20, 2010

M Night Shyamalan's new movie

I don't really know anything about it. I just saw a commercial for it.

Well, everyone was picking on M. Night Shyamalan after the last couple of movies. I haven't seen them. I saw that dead people movie and the one about the space aliens. Signs.

I saw Signs on TV and didn't quite understand it. Mel Gibson plays an ex-priest who was married with a few children. I figured he wasn't Catholic. But everyone wanted him to hear their confessions. Do Anglicans do that? Or Episcopalians. Whatever they call themselves. And isn't it strange that he lived in a community that was just brimming with Episcopalians? Everyone seemed to know who he was and wanted guidance from him. And, in the end, he expressed a depth, or at least a breadth, of religiosity that you don't generally get from a mainline denomination.

Some one did point out a weakness in Shyanalan's work. His movies tend to have twist endings. Once you've seen it, you know what the twist is. There's no need to see it again on DVD or pay-per-view.

Maybe I should watch his other movies. Seems like they would be sort of creepy.

Oh, and now he's made a new one. Kind of a kung fu-looking movie, judging from the commercial.

And on TV...

They're resurrecting two old TV series, Hawaii Five-O and The Rockford Files.

Can they live up to the originals?

I don't like the new Firebirds, and it doesn't make sense, Jim Rockford driving a new car if he lives in a run down trailer illegally parked at the beach.

And what will the Hawaii Five-O people drive? What could equal those big giant black Ford LTDs?

I didn't like the old Jim Rockford's wardrobe. I hope the new Jim Rockford will wear natural fibers. But James Garner did take kung fu lessons from Bruce Lee and driving lessons from Steve McQueen. Can the new Jim Rockford match that?

I hope Steve McGarrett and the new Five-O team will wear proper two-piece suits.

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