Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Zombie Girl: The Movie, Pathogen

I heard about Martin Scorcese on location on one of his movies. His mother had a small role. She played an elderly Italian woman. They were working late at night and he was having trouble getting what he needed on film. And his mother started complaining about the obscene language in the script. He finally had to tell her to pipe down and let him work. He said she wasn't happy about it, but she understood that he had to get it done.

Now I'm sitting here watching Zombie Girl: The Movie, a documentary about twelve-year-old Emily Hagins making her feature-length zombie movie, Pathogen. Her mother is helping her a lot, doing a lot of work and spending a huge amount of time on it, but at times the mother is directing the director even though the girl seems to have things under control. Well, if it were me, I'd have been trying to get them to speed it up, too.

The mother was sort of the opposite of Martin Scorcese's mother---or his "mama", as his people would say. Mama Scorcese was slowing things down. Emily Hagins' mother was trying to keep things moving.

Now they're filming in a grocery store.

When I've written scripts, I've tried to write them so all the scenes could be filmed places where no permission would be needed, even if it could be gotten easily. I wouldn't have filmed in a supermarket. The girl seems more ambitious and talented than I've ever been. She convinced them to close the store while they filmed.

I just hope the kids in the documentary aren't watching this particular broadcast. The channel keeps showing commercials for non-prescription aphrodisiacs.

Here's the site for the documentary:


And here is Emily Hagins' oddly named website where you can order her zombie movie, Pathogen:


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