Thursday, August 26, 2010

Independent documentary filmmaker tries to murder cabbie

A film school grad named Michael Enright was making a documentary following U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

Enright returned to New York City. He might have gotten drunk. Got in a cab. The cab driver was Bangladeshi. Enright asked if he was Muslim. Asked if he was observing Ramadan. Then attacked him with a knife, tried to cut his throat, and told him that this was a "checkpoint".

The cab driver locked Enright in the cab and got the police who arrested him for attempted murder.

Police said Enright was drunk, but the victim didn't think he was. Doctors said that if the cut to the cabbie's throat had been just a little deeper, he would have died.

Police also said that Enright carried a journal full of anti-Muslim rants.

Well. Enright's lucky the cabbie survived. He's only going to prison for attempted murder, rather than murder. I'm not sure what the difference is New York.

Says his documentary was non-political

Like the way Glenn Beck's political rally isn't political. I think all that means is that the motives of the U.S. in Afghanistan are never questioned or discussed, or the reason why anyone might feel compelled to fight back when their country is invaded. The U.S. troops are just innocent victims minding their own business.

If you watch The Sorrow and the Pity, the documentary about the Nazi occupation of France, you can see an indignant Nazi talk about how rotten the French resistance was. They attacked some Nazi soldiers who were innocently practicing their marching, not doing anything to anyone.

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