Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Those Charmin commercials

Am I the only one who finds toilet paper commercials increasingly offensive?

I remember many years ago. I was at the library. I was a teenager. So when I saw book called Rated X, I was rather curious about its content.

Turned out the book was by some extreme conservatives complaining about all the filth on TV---and this was in early '70s.

I quickly lost interest in the book. They were outraged by Pepto Bismol commercials. They were also disgusted by The Hollywood Squares. And, actually, I watched that show a few times when I was five or six. There was one where they asked Paul Lynde about a famous quote, about something being "a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children." What did the quote refer to?

"A spanking," Paul Lynde quipped. (He went on to give the correct answer---Youth itself!)

They asked George Gobel, is it true that women in France pay twenty dollars an hour to have their breasts massaged?

"I'd do it for ten," George said.

Well, I guess there is nothing but filth on TV.

People make a big deal about them not being able to use the word "pregnant" on I Love Lucy. But there was an episode entitled "In a Rut" where Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel decide to have open marriages.

In another episode, Lucy suspects Ricky is having an affair. She finds a piece of paper with a name and address. She wants to get a look at the woman, so she and Ethel go to the woman's apartment. They knock on the door. An old woman answers.

"We're taking a survey," Lucy says.

"Your name's not Kinsey, is it?" the old woman says.

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