Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hawaii Five-0 stinks

Okay, so I watched the new Hawaii Five-O. My God, it was bad. Steve McGarrett and Dan Williams both talking in phony New Jersey accents. The sounded like John Travolta in his early, moronic roles. Do they think that sounds naturalistic?

I've never seen Hawaii look uglier than it did on that show. They apparently screwed around with the color and contrast. They must have thought they were making it look cinematic. Like the old soap operas where they would make everything brown because they thought it made it look more expensive.

Here's a shot from the show to give you an idea what they did to it:

Now, look at these two. If they knocked on your door and told you they were police, and said it in phony, moronic accents, would you say, "What seems to be the trouble, officers?" or would you lock the door?

What the hell is wrong with Steve McGarrett's arms?

I changed the channel and watched something else in the middle of it, so I missed the part where, according to one review, they question a suspect and hit him with an ashtray, threaten to deport his family to Rwanda and make some sort of quip about his seven-year-old child being forced to fight in a militia. Some of that wonderful humor admirers of the pilot were talking about.

I watched it because the REAL Hawaii Five-O was a pretty good show.

It makes me wonder---the network decided not to go with the new Rockford Files. They were disappointed by the pilot. Which means, what? It wasn't enough like this crap?

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DrCroland said...

I agree, it's absolute garbage. Why it's still on the air now, well I just don't get it... no accounting for taste.