Sunday, October 10, 2010

Some movies I'd like to see

These are some things I've read about over the years that I'd like to see.

Silent movies made for Chinese-American audiences in the 1950s

There was someone who reported in the 1950's that, in Chinatown in San Francisco, there were locally produced silent movies in 16mm color being shown to local audiences. That's all I know about them. I haven't read anything about them anywhere else.

Pre-1970 silent Siamese movies

As I understand it, Thailand's capacity to produce sound movies was wiped out in the war. Francois Truffaut mentioned this to Alfred Hitchcock---that, in Thailand, theaters would show movies without sound with a narrator explaining the action. Truffaut and Hitchcock were discussing how a long stretch of Psycho was without dialog. Until the late '60s, the Thai movie industry produced silent movies in 16mm. The popularity of Indian musicals got them to upgrade to color 35mm.

Silent movies from Burma in the 1970s

I read this in a book published in the mid-'70s, that there were a couple of movie studios in Burma that produced silent movies. I doubt they still do. I imagine they were shown in theaters with narrators, but I don't know.

Nigerian video movies

I found a bunch of Nigerian movie posters on the internet. And I've watched a documentary about the thriving Nigerian movie industry. The movies probably aren't as interesting as I imagine.

Glen Pitre's early Cajun films

Before he directed Belizaire the Cajun, Glen Pitre directed low budget Cajun-language costume dramas in Louisiana, described on one website as "gumbo westerns". None seem to be available. I've found stuff on the internet that says he made these movies, but they don't say anything about them, what the titles are or anything else. Not even on Internet Movie Database. Maybe they weren't any good, but I'd like to watch them anyway.

Oh---maybe I found them!

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