Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tony Danza, Sarah Palin, Levi Johnston

I shouldn't admit this. I saw some of Teach, Tony Danza's reality show. I stumbled upon the last few minutes of the episode.

Tony Danza walks down the hall. Waiting outside the office stands a lovely girl with a black eye. She had gotten into a fight. He tells her that he was on a show called Who's The Boss and there was an episode where he has to move because his daughter got into a fight.

Later, the lady vice principal was picking on a child for wearing the wrong color shoes with his school uniform, so the kid cleverly handed her a dog biscuit. The rest of the staff grudgingly admires the youngster, but Tony Danza calls him over. Dictates an apology the kid writes down.

"I'm sorry I made you feel bad..."

"Now, write 'Best Regards' and sign your name."

He tells the kid to drop it off with the secretary.

But why ARE they wearing unforms?

According to another blog, when the school suddenly adopted their terrible-looking uniforms, Danza told the class that he wore the same clothes to work every day---he had five identical shirts and pairs of pants he wore each day.

Obviously, he does that for the show, so they can edit together footage they shot on different days.

And that's probably the reason they're made the kids shell out a fortune for uniforms and why they're threatening to kick kids out for failing to wear the black shoes the principal selected for them. If there are a thousand kids in that school and they each paid $100 for a couple of uniforms, that's a hundred grand they paid for the benefit of Danza's TV show.

Sarah Palin, Levi Johnston

I heard that Sarah Palin's teen nemesis, Levi Johnston, was trying to get a reality show. Johnston is the father of Palin's daughter's baby.

I am reminded of the words of William S Burroughs in the film "Towers Open Fire":
"I hate to see a bright young man fuck up and get off on the wrong track. Sure, it happens to all of us, one time or another...."
Levi Johnston was a teenager, only 19, in a public feud with Palin, a major political figure. And he was playing his cards a lot better than she was.

On a morning talk show, he revealed some rather vile things about her, like the "funny" way she kept referring to her baby who has Down Syndrome. And he said there was a lot more he could tell, but he was saving it in case she wanted to attack him again.

I hate to see the boy squander the advantages he gained from posing in Playgirl by degrading himself with a reality TV show.

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