Saturday, April 2, 2011

She can's act, can't dance, and even her looks are fake

Natalie Portman a "natural beauty"?

This bit of fan mail was posted on the website, Awful Plastic Surgery:
Good job spotting Natalie Portman’s streamlined nose! I was at Harvard the same time she was (though not in the same year), and would occasionally see her around campus. By the time she graduated, her nose had clearly been altered; not only were the nostrils smaller, but it was smaller and narrower overall.
Here is are pictures they posted:
Looking at that site, it's amazing---it seems like pretty much all movie stars have had plastic surgery whether they needed it or not. Even very young ones. Zac Efron. Miley Cyrus.

Having surgery of any kind seems like an ordeal, and if you look at that the Awful Plastic Surgery site, you can see how easily it can go wrong. Hard to believe people go for plastic surgery so readily.

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Anonymous said...

I find that she looks more masculine in the "after" photo. Tragic. But this also explains why I can't stand seeing her anymore, whereas, back in the mid 90s, I thought she was really cute.