Saturday, July 23, 2011

91 killed in Norway

Well. 91 people were murdered in Norway, nearly all of them teenagers at a summer camp. The death toll keeps rising. It's a bit of a relief that the killer was a Norwegian. A right-wing extremist. On the radio, they described him as an "ethnic Norwegian", so we'd know he wasn't a Muslim who had Norwegian citizenship.

Nope. He was Norwegian, all right.

It made me think of the Jewish father of a character in the book Compulsion by Meyer Levin who is (sort of) relieved that Leopold & Loeb picked a Jewish victim. He thought it would have triggered a wave of anti-Semitism if two Jewish killers had murdered a Christian child in 1924.

In the same way, it was a relief when the killer in Norway turned out to be a Christian. And a Christian he was----people quote his manifesto which started out with him denying his Christianity and ended with him quoting the Bible and calling for the Christians to take over.

After the Oklahoma City bombing, before Timothy McVeigh was discovered to be the bomber, commentators were blaming it on Arabs. One scumbag went on the news and announced that trying to kill a large number of people was "a Middle Eastern trait."

It turned out to be an American trait, as many middle easterners can tell you. More specifically, a mid-western trait.

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Anonymous said...

Waldo Scott the writer of the above nonesense,is a complete idiot and should keep his ignorant opinions to himself!