Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse, Kim Kardashian

Amy Winehouse has died, poor girl, at age 27. Cause of death unknown.

Not surprising, but it still comes as a jolt. Her own mother once said that she wouldn't be surprised if she died before her time.

Kim Kardashian sues because someone else looks something like her!
Turns out people who look like Kim Kardashian have no right to work. She and her pimp/mother are suing Old Navy for running an ad featuring model Melissa Molinaro. Sex tape star Kardashian claims that Molinaro has no right to appear on television because she somewhat resembles her.

We know that Kardashian had plastic surgery. Her nose was altered if nothing else. Molinaro looks the way she does naturally and Kardashian had plastic surgery. If anyone had the right to sue, it's Molinaro. Disgusting parasite Kardashian claims she has the right to have herself surgically altered to resemble another person, then sue that person for the crime of looking like her.

Something similar happened long ago. Bing Crosby destroyed a singer's career because he sounded somewhat like the child beating drunk Crosby. The guy was in a radio ad. He stated his name in the ad. But Crosby's company threatened to sue, the ad was pulled and the guy never worked again. Even if elderly drunkard Crosby didn't have a leg to stand on in court, just the threat of a lawsuit was enough to destroy another man's career.

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