Saturday, July 23, 2011


The death toll keeps climbing in Norway.

I don't know how easy it is to get guns in Norway. Is it like Sweden where all men 18 to 55 are in the Army reserves and keep military weapons in their homes?

I just looked at an article online from The Telegraph in Britain.

The reader comments are quite disgusting. A segment of the British public seems to more or less approve. There's also a tea bagger on there, presumably an American.

Someone did comment:
The comment section in DT [Daily Telegraph] is very disappointing. I have a feeling that Europe is heading for a very difficult time ahead. Looks like the left and the right both are trying to reconcile to and justify the extremist elements on their sides. So much so that there have been really very little sensitivity shown towards the victims who were basically kids. How inhuman can we really become?

Its all about politics in Guardian and DT comments sections. It really is disgusting.

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