Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gerard Depardieu does something disgusting on a plane

What is Gerard Depardieu's appeal? I've never understood it. A big ugly French ape. He never seemed very interesting. I was surprised to learn he was in Going Places which I saw on Home Box Office (as HBO was called back then) when I was in junior high school. I was disgusted by it. I learned later it was a comedy.

I always feel guilty for judging actors harshly based on their looks or other things they have no control over. But in his case, I think it's okay since he commented unkindly about some actress I never heard of. This was from the British Guardian:
"I would really like to know why she has been so esteemed for so many years. She [Binoche] has nothing. Absolutely nothing! She is nothing, compared with her, Isabelle Adjani is great, even if she's totally nuts. Or Fanny Ardant – she is magnificent, extremely impressive. But Binoche? What has she ever had going for her?"
Depardieu then attacked Leos Carax:
"Carax needed six years to shoot his film with Binoche, which turned out not even to be a film but just a piece of shit."
A guy from that French movie magazine, Cahiers du Cinema, responded:
"The best explanation I can think of regarding the insults to Juliette Binoche, whom I consider the best actress of her generation, and also a very generous and daring person, is heavy drinking. It's only a guess, but other explanations would be worse.”
And now, you know what Gerard Depardieu did?

He was sitting on an Air France plane. He was drunk. 62-years-old and he sat there saying over and over in French, "I have to piss, I have to piss."

They told him he had to wait they were about to take off.

So Gerard Depardieu got up and relieved himself on the carpet.

They kicked the scumbag off the plane along with his friends and his baggage.

I wonder how he felt about it later.

His friend, Edouard Baer, said the poor guy was terribly embarrassed, he couldn't wait and the bottle his friend passed him was too small.

Couldn't he have planned ahead? His overwhelming need to urinate couldn't have been that sudden, although he could be on diuretics, I suppose. It'd be rather amazing if he didn't have high blood pressure.

Still, he should have cut back on fluids before the flight and used the lavatory before boarding the plane. It's just common sense.

US ski team member Robert "Sandy" Vietze goes to the bathroom (almost) on a child

There was a story in the news about an 18-year-old in the same situation. Except he was a big lout named Robert "Sandy" Vietze, a member of the US ski team, and he almost urinated on an eleven-year-old girl. There was no indication that he was blocked from using the toilet. Future potential employers will be able to Google his name and find out about this. Since he's being charged with indecent exposure, he may have to register as a sex offender anyway. And it turns out that he was a "top alpine skiier" on the US ski team getting ready for the next Winter Olympics. He's been kicked off the ski team.

The family of the girl decided not to press charges. They didn't want to put her through any more stress than she's already under. The girl's father is a stage 4 cancer patient.

I somehow doubt any of that means anything to Vietze. There was another report on this case which ends by wishing him luck "living this down", but I'd be surprised if Vietze feels any shame or embarrassment. He's probably confused as to why he's been kicked off the team and doesn't know what the big deal is.

And here is Robert "Sandy" Vietze on You Tube speaking at some sort of graduation ceremony:

His family home has an assessed value of $645,400.00 according to and there are videos posted on YouTube of him skiing in Austria. He graduated from the Green Mountain Valley School, a ski academy and private school which charges over $42,300.00 a year tuition.

I don't think there's much future. He's not skiing in the Olympics and I don't think he'd get any endorsement deals if he did. He's finished! The best thing he could do now would be to change his name and move as far from Vermont as possible. Every potential employer and anyone else he meets who'd be apt to google his name would discover his disgusting crime. A name change is his only hope.

I wonder what ever happened to Aleksy Vayner.

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