Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jon Voight: Just embarrassing

Jon Voight turned into an especially idiotic Bush supporter. He used to at least give the impression that he was a leftist, or at least a liberal. I don't remember him expressing any political views back then, but, if he did, I would have found it embarrassing.

It happens all the time. Dim witted people enthusiastically embrace some opinion you sort of share.

There was a hippie-like person---this was many years ago. I was hanging around at the university and he started talking to me. Nothing he said interested me, so he started talking to another guy who was listening carefully.

The hippie guy started explaining the Russian Revolution.

"The Communists---were the Mafia," he said.

"You mean the Communists were like the Mafia?"

"No, no. The Communists---were the Mafia."

"You mean the Communists acted like the Mafia?"

"No, no. The Communists----were the Mafia."

"How were the Communists like the Mafia?"

"No, no. The Communists---were the Mafia."

Some time later, he spoke at a political rally. He started by saying that they don't usually let him speak at these things. Then he started talking about how John Lennon and Yoko Ono were living separately at the time Lennon was killed. He seemed to think this was extremely significant to the peace movement.

But that wasn't really a case of an idiot sharing your views. That was more a case of an idiot giving the vague impression that he was some sort of leftist. Of some sort.

I wonder what ever happened to that guy.

And then you have Jon Voight.

I don't know if he ever expressed his political opinions before when he was supposedly a liberal or a leftist or something. All he did was appear in some political movies like Coming Home and the movie based on the Pat Conroy novel.

He was also in some terrible movies over the years, like Table For Five.

And now he's a right-winger. He denounced anyone who criticized George Bush because Bush was the leader of the Free World and represented America, but now he's smearing Barack Obama in the dumbest terms possible.

Here's a quote I lifted from Wikipedia from Dallas Morning News columnist Rod Dreher:
Last weekend, I tuned into a Fox program hosted by the avuncular former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, of whom I am a fan. There sat actor Jon Voight, staring gravely at the host, who praised the thespian's "courage." ... Voight then accused the president of trying to depose God and deify himself — as, according to the Book of Revelation, the Antichrist will do. It may sound ridiculous — after all, who looks to celebrities for political wisdom? — but it's deadly serious to millions of Americans. To his great discredit, Huckabee, a pastor, let this crazy talk pass unchallenged.
I suspect Voight was just as embarrassing in his pre-right wing days. But you can't tell. I know that you're not supposed to say that right-wingers are stupid, but I've seen it happen----when people turn right-wing, they very often turn stupid. And it's not just that I disagree with them now. They become objectively stupid.

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