Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Obama, Republicans

There was some nonsense in Look magazine back in the '50s. They showed how the Communists could take over America.

How would they do it? They'd use the "old Communist trick" of creating a crisis and then taking credit for solving it.

Not exactly what the Republicans did. They created an artificial crisis and used it to get what they wanted.

Well. Obama is a terrible president. You can't put your faith in the Democrats and it's probably too late for a third party.

We should note here the amazing reversal under Bush. After September 11th, the world's sympathy was with the U.S. Bush put an end to that.

And Obama? He was enormously popular in the Muslim world. At first. Now he may actually be less popular than Bush.

Libya is probably more humiliating a defeat than Iraq after all the talk about how weak Libya was, how Gaddafi was on the verge of collapse with no popular support whatsoever. They claimed that he was so reviled in Libya that he had to hire mercenaries to fight for him. In reality, they're handing out AK-47s in Tripoli.

It was going to take days, not weeks, Obama said.

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