Thursday, August 11, 2011

One suggestion for Breaking Bad

The lawyer should quitting saying, "I know a guy."

There've been a few episodes where the sleazy lawyer reveals that he knows a guy who can solve whatever problem. In the latest episode, he tells Walt that he "knows a guy" who can help him and his family "disappear". Which it really that difficult?

If I had a vast sum of money and a drug lord were after me, I would look at a map. It's a big world. Europe. Asia. You could go live in the heart of the Ukraine, Mongolia, Vietnam, India. Would they really follow you there? Why would Walter want to stay in Albuquerque, anyway?

I never understood why more people don't flee the country. Think of how much better Monica Lewinsky's life would have been had she hopped on a Greyhound for Canada.

Then they have that ubermensch who works for Gus and goes around killing people.

The show started out being about a science teacher who becomes a criminal, and now it's about super criminals. It's like he's working for SPECTRE now.

But there's no way out of it.

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