Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Violence for no reason

There was that German silent movie, Spies, directed by Fritz Lang. It was very cool. The only thing that I didn't like was how pointless it was. The story was that all this stuff was happening because some spies wanted to stop some other spies from delivering a copy of a treaty to an embassy or some such thing. They never explained the significance. Yet people were killing each other, one guy committed Hara-kiri. They were crashing through buildings in trains, setting off bombs. Why not just let the other people see the treaty? Aren't they generally public anyway?

Someone was trying to convince me to watch Fight Club.

"So it's about people who are in a club and they fight for no reason?" I said.

"Yes!" they enthused. Said something about----I don't know----frustrated would-be celebrities or something. I didn't understand it.

I used to really be into Samurai movies. I watched one called Samurai parts I, II and III. A biopic of sorts about Miyamoto Musashi, or Musashi Miyamoto (which is the title in Japanese).

Musashi was a great Samurai. He killed over 60 men. Only problem was that Japan was at peace at the time. He killed 60 men in duels just to show he could do it.

Contrast that with the Zatoichi movies.

If they're killing each other for sport, I'd be just as happy if they ALL died.

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