Saturday, November 19, 2011

All those Woody Allen movies

Woody Allen, Sonny Bono

Success in extreme low budget film isn't having people love your movie----it's having people watch your movie and thinking, "If this guy just had some money to work with, he could have made a pretty good movie!"

I don't know if you achieve this by overreaching and trying to make a movie that's much bigger than your tiny budget, or if you try to make a movie that looks professional but on a small scale. I don't know if one or the other or both or neither would work.

Make enough movies and sooner or later you'll be hailed as a genius! Either that or your one work of genius will be tainted by all terrible movies you made before it. Or, after all the bad movies, people will recognize your one great work as a fluke. I still can't take Ron Howard seriously as a director after Eat My Dust.
Before he hit it big, Sonny Bono would drive his delivery truck and write one song a day. It was just a matter of time before one turned out any good. Just by sheer chance. Hundred monkeys, hundred typewriters.

How many movies has Woody Allen made anyway? shows 47. I've seen or at least knew about most of them. But there are at least eight that I've never even heard of.

Well, that's good. He's like a high brow William Beaudine.

In this age of digital video, of extreme low budget movies made for a few hundred dollars, what excuse do the rest of us have for not cranking out movie after movie?

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