Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jonathan Jaxson, Kim Kardashian's ex-publicist, spills his guts

Photo of Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush supposedly shopping for an engagement ring. They were never engaged. According to Kardashian's former publicist, Jonathan Jaxson, it was staged by Kardashian without Bush's knowledge.

Kim Kardashian's erstwhile publicist Jonathan Jaxson has written an unpublished memoir. He says that Kim Kardashian and her pimp of a mother knew all about her sex tape when it was released--that she had learned from her friend, Paris Hilton, that it would make her famous. He told about one publicity stunt Kardashian came up with that he helped her carry out.

Kardashian wanted it to appear that she had become engaged to her boyfriend, someone called Reggie Bush. They arranged that she and Bush would go into a jewelry store together, Kardashian would put on (her own) diamond ring and then they would come out together with photographers waiting to get the pictures. It would look like they went in to buy an engagement ring. Bush was unaware of any of this and broke up with her as a result.

Jaxson said that news of the sex tape came out the day he started working for Kardashian. Neither she or her pimp/mother appeared the least bit upset over it which gave him the impression that they had released it themselves.

Kris Jenner tried and failed to get Jaxson to sign a confidentiality agreement.


Long ago on this blog, I wrote about Balloon Boy. A father trying to get a reality TV show "accidentally" released a large balloon, then claimed that his 6-year-old son might be in there! They chased the balloon down, but Balloon Boy wasn't there. He had been hiding in the house the whole time.

I suggested that people looking for a career in cinema might show that kind of creativity! Not do something that stupid, but something. Jayne Mansfield dived into a swimming pool in front of photographers waiting to see Jane Russell. Mansfield hopped out of the pool and innocently discovered that her top on her two-piece swim suit had somehow fallen off. When Jane Russell came out a few minutes later, half the photographers were out of film.

It didn't work in Balloon Boy's case. The family was being interviewed on live TV and Balloon Boy, when asked, told the truth. The parents were arrested. Balloon Boy's Japanese mother almost got deported. Never enter into a criminal conspiracy with a 6-year-old.

The ghastly Kardashians did quite a bit better with their deal, although they were rich to begin with. Their father had already latched onto O.J. Simpson. Their dead father had disposed of a golf bag for Simpson when he returned to LA after the murders. Then, so he couldn't be called as a witness in the trial, Kardashian hastily got his law license back and became part of the Simpson defense team. His job was to sit quietly during the trial and not say or do anything. And he couldn't even do that right.

The first day of the trial, he sat leaning forward in his chair, his feet wide apart, staring down at the floor.

The other lawyers were looking up trying to appear as if none of the evidence being presented against their client bothered them in the least. Kardashian stared down at the floor as if in shame.

A commentator mentioned this. "What's Robert Kardashian doing there?"

"I'm sure they're going to talk to him about that."

He sat up straight after that first day. I don't know if they gave him a legal pad to draw on like they do with bored defendants.

Not even Kardashian was fooled. He didn't regard himself as one of Simpson's attorneys. We know this because he publicly stated later that he now believed Simpson was guilty, something no lawyer would ever do to his client or former client. The other attorneys in the case immediately filed ethics complaints against him.

"Huh? Ethics?"

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