Sunday, November 27, 2011

Justin Bieber one more time

Okay, one more time about Justin Bieber. I did see the kid on Saturday Night Live when he was on there and I watched a YouTube video of him being shot on a TV show I've never seen. I spoke to a young woman who told me that her friends wept when they saw it. Even if you're not a fan and even if you know it's just a show, it is disturbing to see a teenage boy gunned down by police, even if it is Justin Bieber.

I heard, by the way, that one of the stars of the show now regrets saying that Bieber was a "brat". She said he was messing around with the food on the craft services table and rendered a cake inedible---I don't remember exactly---and I think she said he locked someone in a room. I'm not sure, but I suspect that, when teenagers spend too much time with adults, they don't start acting more grown-up; they start treating adults as if they were other teenagers. If you have teenage children, don't spend too much time with them.

But okay, the lawyers for Mariah Yeater, the plaintiff in the paternity suit against Bieber, says that Bieber needs to do the DNA test over again. They're worried someone might switch samples on them.

“I want a new DNA test with both sides together at a lab in California as soon as possible. As soon as I tell her to do it, she’ll do it. We need proper protocol and a chain of custody,” her lawyer said.

There being a vast amount of money at stake, that may be a good idea. It's not just child support. Bieber and the people around him would presumably suffer a vast loss of income if it turns out he's been lying all this time and is the father of this child.

I did see a clip of Bieber on David Letterman. Dave was very sympathetic. Characterized the girl in this case as a "weasel". I thought this was a bad move. What if Bieber went on the show ready to break down sobbing and admit that he was the father? Letterman made it much harder for the boy.

If Justin Bieber were my son, he would...well, he'd probably be going to high school and living in poverty with little hope for the future. He'd have no tattoos. He'd probably be overweight and in bad shape physically. So I guess I shouldn't worry about what early fame is doing to him.

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