Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Justin Bieber's taken the DNA test

Justin Bieber has submitted his DNA sample. In 3 to 10 working days we'll know. Is the boy the father of Mariah Yaeter's baby? Then it will all be over.

I saw a list of other celebrities who've repeatedly given DNA samples in paternity cases. So Justin should probably get used to it. And next time do the DNA test in the first place.

I'll be shocked if he's the father. And if he's not the father, I'll wonder what on earth that poor girl was thinking. Even if she never heard of DNA, her lawyers must have explained it to her. But she wouldn't be the first to make the charge knowing it would be easily disproved in court.

It's like a UFO case. There are cases of obvious UFO hoaxes and the people who pull them are often considered very honest and trustworthy, people who would never lie.

And that's what their problem is. They carry out the hoax as a gag intending to reveal what they've done. But they soon find it's easier said than done. It's easier to make the false claim than to admit that you've made a false claim, this after your friends and family have come to your defense and vouched for your honesty.

The girl can't very well back down now.

The girl's attorneys have pointed out that her representatives weren't present when the DNA sample was given. How can they be sure of the results? They had wanted to negotiate some protocol so they could be certain. Baby hadn't given a sample, last I heard.

It would be interesting if Bieber turned out to be the father.

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