Friday, November 4, 2011

Kim Kardashian, $2 million ring

Aging whore Kim Kardashian is upset. She's divorcing her "husband" after two months of marriage and he wants the $2 million engagement ring he gave her back.

Kardashian's pimp of a mother went on TV and used the racist slur "Indian giver" against her son-in-law for wanting his property back.

Kardashian's husband, Kris Humphries, is a basketball player by trade. The money-grubbing Kardashians were angry because the players were locked out in a labor dispute. Now Kim would be the only breadwinner in the family! He would be living off her "work". But now these parasites are stealing $2 million from him.

Of course, that's the whole point of "reality" TV, to show us rich people who don't deserve to be rich. They hit their zenith with My Super Sweet Sixteen, horrible rich children throwing their big 16th birthday parties, spending millions, throwing tantrums.

"Don't you love me?" one asked when his father balked at buying him jewelry. What kind of 16-year-old boy wants diamond jewelry? In my day, teenage boys were humiliated by direct expressions of paternal love.

There was a South Park episode based on a girl on My Super Sweet 16. She threw a tantrum because the Acura her mother bought her was the wrong color, was only an Acura, and she should have given it to her during the party. The poor girl will have to live with that shame for the rest of her life, if she's capable of shame.

To be fair to some of the rich kids, they're the focus of attention in extremely big events. Most adults would fall apart planning functions like these, and these kids are only 15.

There was one where the rich girls were handing out invitations to a large crowd at kids.

"Uh. We didn't get ours," a couple of boys said.

The poor girls froze. They didn't say anything. They weren't stonewalling, they just didn't know what to say to the kids they weren't inviting. They should have planned ahead for this eventuality.

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