Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A few things

Well, since I attacked Mike McQueary for failing to call 9-1-1 in the Penn State thing, I should note that he says that he did report it to the police and that Sandusky stopped what he was allegedly doing when he noticed McQueary was standing there. Sandusky denied it happened at all.

And, what other corrections should I make?

Oh, yes. Ashton Kutcher tweeted his defense of Paterno when he had no idea why Paterno was canned. He walked through the livingroom, somehow oblivious to the news about the Penn State scandal even though he claimed to be a fan of the team, he saw that Paterno had been fired and assumed it must be because he was too old. He tweeted his outrage. Then thousands of people tweeted THEIR outrage at him and he was rather apologetic.

But doesn't that guy watch the news or read a newspaper? Can't he at least do a news search before he makes a public statement?

And Kim Kardashian's mother wrote a published memoir in which she claims to have cried her eyes out over Kim Kardashian's sex tape. I had mentioned an unpublished memoir by someone named Jaxson, a former publicist for Kim Kardashian that claimed that Kardashian and her mother showed no sign of being upset about it which gave him the impression that they were behind it.

And now police in Pennsylvania say Mike McQueary never filed a report with them.

And I don't believe Kim Kardashian's mother was telling the truth in her memoir. In one episode of her show, they tried to prevent the release of another sex tape----they call the FBI. It seems that Kim was making sex tapes when she was still in high school.

In spite of this, she had no problem with Joe Francis who owns the Girls Gone Wild business. Francis called the Kardashian home from jail. He was awaiting trial----they didn't bother bailing him out because, if they did, he'd just be rearrested on other charges and locked up again. I don't remember if he was in jail for tax charges or child pornography charges. But Kris Jenner was thrilled to talk to him and gushed over how wonderful his work was.

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