Saturday, February 11, 2012

Macaulay Culkin looks terrible

When Macaulay Culkin was a teenager, he had a loud party and neighbors called the cops. Contemporary press accounts said that he still couldn't be left HOME ALONE.

When he got married at age 17, they said he wouldn't be HOME ALONE anymore.

He got divorced a couple of years later, and I was pleasantly surprised that the press had the good taste not to say that he would be HOME ALONE again.

But, now, the boy is 31 years old and there are pictures of him looking really awful, extremely thin. He doesn't look good at all.

And now they're making Home Alone jokes again. One site says he's been "home alone too long".

His publicist says he's fine, in perfect health. I hope to heck it's true.


Anonymous said...

he look so poor

Anonymous said...

he would of been so hot if he didnt do it!

Anonymous said...

ooohhhh yeeeeaaahhhh

Anonymous said...

Wow , I think he might be on drugs