Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mike Wallace----you mean he was still alive?

Mike Wallace from 60 Minutes has died at 93. The father of right-wing Fox "News" "journalist" Chris Wallace.

He was known for his tough, tough interviews on 60 Minutes.

I remember a stand up comic joking about it. How people would agree to be interviewed by him thinking they could fool Mike Wallace.

But it was all fake.

What Wallace would do is conduct very polite interviews. Then, when they were done and the interviewee would leave, they would re-film Wallace asking the question and get new reaction shots. They would film him angrily demanding answers and and insert it with the person's polite answers, as if they had been completely cowed by Wallace.

He was exposed as a racist. He was doing a story on contracts with unreadable fine print being used to rip off poor people. He was recorded saying about black and Hispanic victims, "You bet your ass they're hard to read if you're reading them over the watermelon or over the tacos."

People who were present when he said this said that he laughed and slapped the top of his desk and smirked.

Wallace's comments were recorded by the bank that Wallace was "investigating". When he found out they had recorded it, he tried to get them to erase it. He said he was afraid people would take his comment "out of context". I don't know in what context this was anything but racist.

He interviewed Ahmadinejad of Iran and edited the interview to make him look bad. But Ahmadinejad insisted that the full, unedited interview be broadcast on C-Span. On 60 Minutes, Wallace accused him of wanting to destroy Israel. On C-Span, Ahmadinejad called for elections in Palestine in which both Jews and Palestinians would be allowed to participate. This was edited out by the Zionist Wallace.

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