Thursday, June 14, 2012

A crowd funded production which seemed like kind of a rip off

There was a local movie production that raised money on something----what was it called? Well. One of those "crowd funding" sites. You post on the internet and people are supposed to send you money. In return, you put their names in the credits as an Associate Producers.

I was a little surprised at how little money they raised, around fifteen hundred dollars, which they used to buy an expensive camera and recording equipment. Which they'll keep for themselves once the movie is done. And which they could have checked out for free from the Community Access TV station (after a ten dollar membership fee) or from the community college. The director of photography was a  community college student who did check out the lights and other equipment they used for the movie.

So, a couple of thoughts.

One, they got money and spent it on things they didn't need to. They couldn't rent or borrow equipment, or involve someone who already had their own? They got money from "investors" who thought were putting it into the movie, but instead they bought a guy a new camera.

The other is why didn't they get a job and earn the money? There was only a few hundred dollars left after they squandered the money on equipment. Meaning they only needed a few hundred dollars in the first place. Meaning they could have bankrolled the film with a garage sale or a few plasma donations. Instead of posting on these crowd funding sites, they could have posted a few belongings on ebay.

And what are they going to do when the movie is done? Did they have any money to promote or market the thing?

I hope they do well. I hope the movie's a success. I saw a little promo they filmed for it and it looked well made anyway.

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