Thursday, June 28, 2012

No more Facebook

 Parasite Facebook "founder" Mark Zuckerberg.

I deleted my Facebook account. I couldn't stand it any more. It was still difficult. I looked at all my "friends" but they know how to contact me. Not that they have.

But there's nothing there. No one says anything worth reading. It makes My Space look like a feast for the intellect. I hadn't looked at it in quite a while anyway and it really bothered me when old friends found me. 

It's one less threat to privacy.

I've never understood why people are into it.

I'm so glad to be rid of it.


Anonymous said...

thanks for making a using post about it, Waldo.

Anonymous said...

Never mind about that idiotic post but at least I can say that we agree on something even though I do use facebook but still.

I know that it seems like i'm obsessed with you but as I said i'm whining and venting so I can get you off my chest and continue to be a moron of the highest order.

Good-bye(I mean it this time though I doubt you'll miss me)