Thursday, September 20, 2012

Detour, Edgar Ulmer vs. William Beaudine

I'm sitting here watching Detour. Better than the other Edgar Ulmer movies I've seen. I like William Beaudine's B movies better, although I've noticed he tends to have racist jokes in them.

Beaudine had been a silent movie director and had gone to Britain to work in the early '30s before returning to Hollywood. I just watched one of his British movies. A comedy about a teacher working in a prison. He gets a better job teaching in a British boarding school. I found it confusing because some of the actors playing the teenagers appeared to be in their 40s.

"Who's that guy? The janitor?" I thought. "Good lord! They're caning the janitor!"

I didn't realize that Detour had such an implausible plot.

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