Friday, September 14, 2012

Film vs video

I used to take a camcorder. I would shoot at extreme closeup of an object, then pull the camera back for a shot of the whole room.

"Look at this! If they had done this shot in a Hollywood movie, it would have been hailed as a technical marvel!" Like the shot in Orson Welles' A Touch of Evil which goes from an extreme close-up of a shot glass to a crane shot of the room.

No one was impressed, obviously, and why would they be.

I can't imagine anyone being impressed if you set up a video camera and recorded the Empire State Building for 24 hours like Andy Warhol claimed to have done on film.

Now I'm watching David Holzman's Diary. A jerk is harassing his girlfriend with a movie camera. "I'm not dressed." She tells him to turn it off or she's leaving. Happens all the time on video, but, because it was on 16mm, it was taken as a high brow art film.

There are people with You Tube channels about the same as this, and they get no respect at all.

Now David Holzman films his girlfriend sleeping naked. She wakes up, sees him doing this and attacks him. 

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