Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Not a Zionist film after all

Now they're reporting that the producer of the anti-Muslim movie that's sparking riots in North Africa may be a middle eastern Christian rather than an Israeli Jew as he claimed in an interview.

I watched the longer, 13 minute trailer for it. You could see that the anti-Muslim lines were dubbed in after the fact. The actors involved in it say they were duped. They were told they were appearing in a war movie.

There was an alleged "technical adviser" named Klein who is a member of a right-wing group known for picketing women's health centers, mosques and Mormon churches. They sued the city of San Clemente (Nixon's home town) because they ordered them to stop putting anti-immigrant fliers on parked cars. They were known for passing out anti-Muslim fliers outside high schools.

This "technical adviser" said they had the premiere in a theater and that they had handed out fliers for it outside Mosques. They wanted Muslims to view this thing for whatever reason. The original title was "The Innocence of Bin Laden" because they thought it would attract "terrorists". It didn't attract anyone. A few curious passersby were drawn in by girls they had standing outside trying to get people to come in. It must have been a free showing.

The movie was aimed at Muslims and it was calculated solely to insult them as much as possible. It wasn't made to change anyone's mind. They weren't trying to convert anyone.

Well, I'm hoping they're able to scrounge up the director and find out who financed this thing. According to Klein, the director is terrified and in hiding. I don't want anything to happen to these morons, but we need to know who to blame.

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