Sunday, September 2, 2012

More cheap versions you can make of better movies

Dirty Harry  A cop violates the rights of a serial killer so egregiously that he goes free and continues killing.

Bonnie and Clyde  A man makes a deal with police. He'll help them ambush a pair of vicious killers if they'll let his son off who was an accomplice in their crimes.

The Graduate An upper-middle-class family is destroyed by their friends' unemployed slacker son who recently graduated from college, He molests the mother, a recovering alcoholic, then begins stalking their daughter. The parents are getting divorced as a result of the wife's infidelity with the stalker, but when their daughter becomes engaged to her college sweetheart, the parents join forces to keep the stalker from ruining the wedding.

ET  Government officials race against time to save a group of children under the spell of a hideous alien.

The Wild Bunch  Soldiers in a Latin American country fight and eventually defeat a small band of sadistic American criminals who murdered their elderly general in front of them.

Dog Day Afternoon  An idiot in his 30s talks two pitiful teenage boys into robbing a bank with him. One teenager is horribly killed, the other goes to prison.

The Sound of Music  A woman is preparing to marry a retired army officer and become stepmother to his several children until he falls under the spell of a recently defrocked nun he hires as nanny.

On the Waterfront  A man gets even with his more successful brother by making wild accusations against his labor union.

Some Like It Hot  A young hetrosexual male transvestite dates an elderly, wealthy eccentric intending to marry him and get some money out of him before revealing he's a man, but he finds he's bitten off more than he can chew when the old man insists on marrying him anyway.

Twelve Angry Men  A gruff old man serving on a jury is horrified as one member manages to manipulate his fellow jurors into acquitting a defendant who is obviously guilty of murder.

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