Monday, September 17, 2012

Princes William & Harry

An Italian magazine is doing a 26 page spread of topless photos of Prince William's wife. The royal couple is already suing a French magazine for publishing the same pictures. French laws are somewhat more strict.

TMZ reports that the French publisher has hinted broadly that she has even better pictures of the royal couple that they had the good taste not to publish. Yet.

Now, California has a paparazzi law. According to a news report:
The law will allow photographers to be found liable for invasion of privacy if it is proved that they trespassed or used telephoto lenses to capture images of people engaging in personal or familial activity....
Does it specifically ban only telephoto lenses? Because there's a pretty good alternative to a telephoto lens. You take pictures with a large format film camera or an extremely high definition digital camera using a normal lens, then you enlarge the part you want. Same effect as a telephoto but it's still legal if what I read is correct.

It's fine with me. They can publish what they want. I never liked the Royal Family.

Prince Harry is now in Afghanistan. The Taliban launched an attack on the base he's in. They said they were going after that idiot Harry. Two Americans were killed and several wounded. All because Harry wants to be in a war.

And what was he doing naked in Las Vegas? Is he coming and going from Afghanistan at will? That other one---the Brit king who abdicated to marry a divorced American socialite---deserted the British Army when the Nazis invaded France.

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