Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bought some CDs

I never download music illegally. But the way musicians have suffered because of it, I decided a while back to start buying CDs. 

Until recently, I had only bought a few CDs. One was Tiny Tim, one was Three Penny Opera. And that was about it. I don't listen to music.

Now, whenever I hear musicians perform, if they have CDs for sale, I'll buy one or two.  

I had my suggestion for the illegal downloaders. To make up for their crimes, even if they have no use for CDs themselves, they should give them on every gift-giving occasion. It's money they would spend anyway, and they owe it to the musicians they've been ripping off. Some of these people brag that they've downloaded tens of thousands of tunes. They ought to have a pretty good idea what to buy for whom.

If they won't even do that, to hell with them.

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