Saturday, January 5, 2013

You don't like it here, go to Russia!

Gerard Depardieu has received Russian citizenship and Brigitte Bardot is threatening to apply.

Depardieu is having tax problems in France and Bardot is an animal rights activist. Putin has done more for animals---banning seal hunting, for example. Putin piloted an ultralight plane to lead birds in migration and RT, the Russian news channel, is showing him with researchers getting a blood sample from a Siberian Tiger in the wild.

Good for Russia! I'd move there myself if I could. If I spoke Russian. Hospitals are free, you get a month's vacation a year. Most city dwellers have dachas---summer cottages. You can buy a new car for under $8,000, university education is dirt cheap---one college charges $10 a month to live in a dorm and they provide textbooks. If I had children, they'd be learning Russian.

The disadvantages are----well, if you desecrate a church by forcing your way onto the altar and performing an obscene song and dance while church members demand that you leave, you can be criminally charged. But you can participate in a public orgy on the floor of a museum without legal impediment. They get a lot of snow. Billionaires go to prison for not paying taxes, but that's a good thing.

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