Monday, January 14, 2013

Pola, Natassja and Klaus Kinski

My God. Well. I hate to say it now, but I rather liked Klaus Kinski. In some things, anyway. He was in some terrible movies. I remember him in a Golan-Globus slasher movie and he was in some European horror movies. I was a bit shocked when I realized he was a high brow star, appearing in all those Werner Herzog movies.

"The Germans like that guy?" I thought.

It was people telling his daughter, Pola Kinski, how much they liked her late father than drove her to write her new memoir. She reveals that he molested her for fourteen years, starting when she was five. He raped her when she was nine and did so repeatedly after that until she was nineteen.

"I couldn't stand hearing it any more: 'Your father! Cool! Genius! I always loved him!' I always replied 'Yeah, yeah'. Since his death this adulation has got even worse," she said.

Pola's half-sister, Natassja, is supporting her. She said she was never raped by him, but she knew there was something wrong with how he treated her.

They said that the way Klaus acted in the movies was pretty much how he behaved at home, flying into fits of rage.

"He was a tyrant. I can scarcely remember us all sitting around a table together," Natassja told Bild am Sonntag.

Klaus Kinski died in 1991. Natassja said that if he were alive, she would do everything she could to put him in prison.

She said, "When he died, some people told me they were sorry. I wasn't sorry."

Look at how Werner Herzog portrayed him in his documentary, Klaus Kinski, My Best Fiend. Then imagine a couple of little girls having to deal with that crap.

It usually comes as a bigger shock when celebrities are accused of stuff like this.

What would Herzog's movies have been like without Kinski. There was a documentary---it might have been My Best Fiend---which showed a scene with Jason Robards playing what became Kinski's role in Fitzcarraldo. It wasn't the same.

Herzog had Kinski. John Waters had Divine. Kurosawa had Toshiro Mifune.

But Luis Bunuel has the much more sedate Fernando Rey. Was it really worth it dealing with Kinski?

He played with a gun on the set of one movie and shot off the end of a man's finger.

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