Saturday, January 12, 2013

Time to give video cameras to the Amish

You know what I'd like to see? Movies made by the Amish. Give them some video cameras and see what they do.

Would they film in long takes, static camera, or would they walk around with the camera moving constantly because they wouldn't know any better?

Would they make documentaries because fiction was alien to them, or would documentaries be alien to them, too? What kind of movies do the Amish watch? They have that thing where the teenagers go out and try to live like normal people before they become full-fledged Amish. They must watch TV then.

There are a number of filmmakers---Werner Herzog and Paul Schrader---who claim they had never seen a movie until they were adults.

Do any Amish have cell phones? Don't cell phones all have video cameras now? I'm about the last person left who's never had a cell phone so I don't know.

It would probably be easier to get the Mennonites or the Calvinists to make movies. Probably shouldn't bother the Amish. 

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