Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Can't find a Pope-related movie in streaming video

I thought I'd watch something to commemorate the pope's resignation. Only thing I could think of was The Shoes of the Fisherman with Anthony Quinn as a persecuted Russian priest who is made Pope for some reason. He slips out of the Vatican dressed like a regular priest, helps save David Jansen's marriage and prevents a nuclear war. Described as a "Pope opera" by one critic.

Shoes of the Fisherman was unavailable for instant viewing on Netflix. So was The Cardinal and Foul Play. The Pope Must Diet wasn't there at all. Brother Sun, Sister Moon only available on DVD.

Many years ago, Foul Play starring Chevy Chase was scheduled to be shown on network TV. It had to be canceled because it was about an assassination plot against the Pope, and it was shortly after Pope John-Paul II got shot.

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