Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How do I get out of buying stuff from the Boy Scouts?

I feel stupid buying Girl Scout cookies. I don't really like them and the Girl Scouts themselves don't get that big a cut of the money. I'd rather make a direct cash contribution, but when you're confronted by children selling cookies, what can you do?

Then you have the Boy Scouts. I've had them come to the door selling stuff, raising funds. How can I tell them, "No. You're anti-gay and you don't let atheists in." So I'd buy whatever they're selling, and it was usually terrible. A very bad value for the money. I paid several dollars for what turned out to be a relatively small bag of carmel corn.

When the disgusting Zionist Ed Koch was mayor of New York, a group of teenagers from the Soviet Union visited the city. They got to meet the repellent swine in his office and he spent several minutes shouting abuse at them telling them telling them how terrible the Soviet Union was. Can you imagine this happening to American teenagers in the USSR? Koch's country, which was Israel, is known mainly for stealing land and murdering children so who was he to criticize anyone?

I'm not going to act like Ed Koch by berating Boy Scouts about their lousy organization.

One time I had a perfectly nice conversation with a couple of Mormon missionaries. They were nice kids. I don't think they realized how hurtful it was that they made no attempt to convert me.

When I moved here at age 8, a hipster architect down the street led a scout troop and they asked me to join. Even back then, I didn't like the idea of wearing a uniform, but they told me his troop wore their regular clothes. I still wasn't interested.

A year or two later, I told a kid on the playground at school that I didn't approve of the American flag on his Boy Scout uniform.

Now the Boy Scouts of America has postponed its decision whether to start letting gay kids join. The Mormon Church, their biggest sponsor, praised the decision to do nothing.

I might mention that there was a teacher in my high school. I never took a class from him, but he had sort of a G. Gordon Liddy look to him with a mustache and shaved head. It was only after he died that I found out that he was the gay math teacher I heard about---I thought it was a different guy. He had had some trouble with a right wing Baptist in the math department.

And, according to his obituary, he was active in the local Boy Scouts.

I attended one Boy Scout event, a kid became an Eagle Scout. I managed to keep from laughing when they played this:

I don't really have a point here. It's not even cinema-related except for the John Wayne thing at the end.

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