Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Poor Marco Rubio

More than one person compared Rubio's response to Obama's State of the Union address to that of Albert Brooks acting as anchorman in Broadcast News. The poor devil was terribly nervous. Sweating, dry mouth. The New York Times, CNN and all the networks posted short videos on YouTube showing only the moment when Rubio awkwardly stops for a drink.

J. Elvis Weinstein (the original voice of Tom Servo on MST3k) tweeted, "For the next month, anyone who offers Marco Rubio something to drink is going to sound sarcastic to him."

But isn't that the whole point of live TV? It seems insane. Video recording is no longer a novelty. They're just reading a speech. They're not making it up as they go. Would it really hurt anything if they read their teleprompters on videotape instead of live TV? Who would know the difference? A ten second tape delay could have taken care of that drinking thing.

What was the point of Saturday Night Live being live? What was the advantage there? It was terribly stressful on the performers. I heard John Frankenheimer in an interview say that all the directors who did live TV dramas in the '50s had terribly back problems because of the stress.

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