Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kardashians, the Mossad, Robert Kardashian's Diary

Years ago, the Israelis sued in U.S. court to block the publication of the book by a former Mossad agent, By Way of Deception, which revealed some rather disgusting facts. In 1982, the Israelis knew about the plan to bomb the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, but didn't inform the Americans. They wanted the bombing to happen to damage US relations with Arab countries.

Shortly before the book was to go on sale, the Israelis went to court to stop it. They went to Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael J. Dontzin who issued an order banning the book in the United States, the first time a book has been banned in this country at the request of a foreign government. Dontzin happened to be a former president of the pro-Israeli "Jewish Lawyers Guild" which must have played some role in his otherwise inexplicable decision. The group, according to its website, "confers awards to jurists who exemplify the qualities of Benjamin N. Cardozo and Golda Meir." Dontzin's stated reason for the ban was that the book would be "detrimental" to the Israeli state.

Dontzin's ruling was overturned two days later.

Trouble for the Israelis was that this made it impossible for them to deny that the author was in fact a Mossad agent.

The L.A. Times reported:
Also lending weight to this book's credibility is the fact that Israel has gone to such unprecedented lengths to prevent its publication. One attorney representing Israel inadvertently gave additional support when he said Ostrovsky "prefers his credibility to the lives of others."
Some have argued that Ostrovsky was both too junior and too new to learn all that he is reporting, but the author claims that he was able to access Mossad computer files containing information on past operations. The attorney representing Israel in a way confirmed this when he admitted that even as a low-level employee, Ostrovsky could have had "access" to important secrets.
 And now? Now we have the Kardashians...

It seems that the widow of Robert Kardashian has been offering bits of her late husband's diaries for publication. They reveal that Kris Jenner was a terrible mother, leaving the kids alone while she ran around with her new boyfriend, Bruce Jenner. Rob got himself locked in the car for hours while his mother was gallivanting around.

So. The Kardashians have filed a lawsuit claiming copyright infringement, that the Kardashian children inherited their father's diaries and therefore owned the copyright on them. For some reason, Kris Jenner, who would have no claim to the diaries, is a plaintiff in the lawsuit.

So the Kardashian "children" admit in court that the quotes from the diaries are authentic. Are they admitting that that their mother stunk as a parent, or are they denouncing their late father as a pathological liar unable to tell the truth even to himself in his own personal diaries?

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