Friday, May 31, 2013

Russian-speaking American actors again

The movie Meteor is on TV as I write this. It has an all-star cast including Brian Kieth as a Soviet scientist. Kieth was fluent in Russian and helped coached Alan Arkin in his Russian dialog in The Russians are Coming the Russians are Coming.

Another surprising Russian-speaking actor was Fess Parker, TV's Davey Crockett and, later, Daniel Boone.

Both these guys seemed way too American. There are scores of millions of Russians and I'm sure there must be some who resemble Fess Parker or Brian Kieth. But they just don't look Russian.

I saw an interview with Nikolay Burlyaev who had the title role in Tarkovsky's Ivan's Childhood and he said that he was surprised he got the role as a kid because he didn't think he looked Russian. He thought he looked American.

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