Sunday, May 19, 2013

Zach Braff, Kickstarter

Didn't Orson Welles pay for the movie Othello himself? He kept having to stop production so he could run off and take acting jobs to make more money for the picture.

Now Zach Braff is assuring us that if he wanted to make money, he would get another sitcom. So why doesn't he do it instead of grubbing for money on Kickstarter? He denies he's worth the $22 million that's been reported and claims he has to fund his vanity project by raising money from people of modest means. He has to do this, he says, because he doesn't want financiers to interfere with his casting. So he's offering a speaking role in the movie to anyone who donates ten thousand dollars.

I thought this was illegal in California-----acting is a profession there and charging someone to be in a movie is considered bribery.

It is very strange. Over $5 million was raised on Kickstarter for a Veronica Mars movie. That money went straight to Time Warner which is making the movie.

With Braff's movie, the two million is basically letting some investors make a five million dollar movie for three million.

He ought to pay for it himself. It would focus his mind on being cheap and profitable. 

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