Thursday, June 13, 2013

Arrested Development, I Love Lucy

Watching Arrested Development season two. That guy, Tobias----and his wife----they're trying to have an open marriage, but neither one can get a date.

This already happened on I Love Lucy, an episode entitled "In a Rut". Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel decide to have open marriages but none of them manage to pull it off. Especially Fred.

Henry Winkler is a lot better on this than he was on Happy Days. It must be painful, though, for Potsie, Ralph and Joanie, being left out. Poor Joanie had to appear on Celebrity Fit Club.

Potsie is a TV director now. He's apparently friends with Ralph---I saw them together on You Tube discussing movie production. They should have gotten even with Ron Howard by doing their OWN Arrested Development-like show without asking Ronnie to appear. They could have Clint Howard narrate although he did appear in Arrested Development.

Scott Baio is a Republican. He was the original pick to star in Top Gun, but they gave Tom Cruise the role. Look at any Tom Cruise movie----that should have been Scott Baio!

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