Thursday, July 25, 2013

Anthony Weiner

In Anthony Weiner's defense, he had just resigned in disgrace from Congress, his political career seemed to be completely over and done. At that point, why NOT send lewd photos of himself over the internet if that was what he was into?

The guy seems to be in pretty good shape. I don't know if he became physically fit and then wanted to show the world, or if he got into shape because he thought it would make his lewd photos more appealing. You notice that Justin Bieber only began parading around shirtless in public after he started working out and got all sinewy with visible stomach muscles.

There was a scene in the movie Murder, My Sweet. Philip Marlow is grooming himself in his one-room apartment. He didn't notice that a woman slipped in while the boy was picking up his laundry.

"You have a nice build for a private detective," she said.

"It gets me around," he said.

Which was sort of funny because the guy didn't have a nice build. He looked like a middle aged guy in a tee shirt.

With that in mind, look back at It Happened One Night. It was famous for the scene where Clark Gable isn't wearing an undershirt. Audiences were scandalized. It allegedly caused a drop in tee shirt sales. But the scene from Murder My Sweet raises the question, why DID all the other men in movies back then wear tee shirts? Could it be that they were all flabby and out of shape?

Could it be that physical fitness is a scourge that leads to indecent exposure?

I've seen people I know who have gotten all physically fit who then take pictures of themselves showing off their new selves, but the pictures always look weird and creepy. Anthony Weiner should have taken note. He should have had some professionally done lewd photos with professional lighting and maybe make-up. Oil himself up a bit to create highlights.

It's been proven that people often judge photos as pornographic based on the attractiveness of the model and the quality of the photography. If Weiner had hired a good photographer, he might still be in Congress.

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