Sunday, July 28, 2013

Charlie Sheen, The Boys Next Door, Penelope Spheeris

Interesting that you have middling movie actors who make it big on TV. I guess critics liked her and she was in some huge, successful movies, but Candice Bergen just couldn't act. I tried to watch Soldier Blue recently, but she was just terrible. But I did like her on TV.

Now I'm watching a young Charlie Sheen in a Penelope Spheeris movie, The Boys Next Door (1985). It's just not very good, although that was probably Spheeris' fault, not Sheen's. Her movies had a made-for-TV quality which normally wouldn't bother me. She makes lousy use of color.

Wait. Let me adjust the TV.

Well. I turned down the color. It might be a little better in black and white, but they're talking constantly.

During the high speed chase, when they swerve to get away from the cops, the driver should have just done it. He shouldn't have said "Watch this!"

The movie is about two recent high school graduates who go to LA and commit a series of assaults and murders.

The music isn't helping at all. Bad and loud.

Cost an estimated five million bucks back then.

"Look! They're up there! Come on! Come on!" the cops yell when they spot them on the mezzanine in a shopping mall.

In the old days, when TV's had fine tuners, you would often change the channel and have it appear in black and white until you tuned it. It happened to me several times that I would change to a channel, there would be an old movie I had never seen before and it would look beautiful, stunning in black and white. Then I would fine tune it, the color would appear and it would look like crap. They make far better use of color now than they used to.

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