Monday, July 22, 2013

Chris Matthews discusses royal inbreeding

From an article on coverage of Prince William and his wife's new baby:
...Chris Matthews asked if there would ever again be an ugly queen, observing that both Middleton and the late Princess Diana of Wales were attractive. A London-based reporter for The Daily Beast speculated that attractive women were necessary to shore up the “hopelessly inbred” Windsor family gene pool.

“They seem to be working every generation on the gene pool,” Matthews asserted in a question to The Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes. “They brought in Diana to help William along there, and now they brought in anther attractive – at least attractive, a beautiful woman.

“Is there ever going to be an average looking queen again, or is it just — are we in the age of television and People Magazine now?” Matthews asked.

“I think you’re absolutely right, Chris,” Sykes agreed. “It’s good that they’ve brought in some good, hearty peasant stock in the shape of the Middletons to revitalize that hopelessly inbred royal blood.”

“Kate Middleton has kicked this family into the 21st Century,” he continued. “Everything has been led by her. Absolutely every decision they’ve made.”
Which would explain why Prince Charles married Diana instead of Camilla Parker Bowles with whom he was allegedly in love all that time. Rude to say, but why DID he marry Diana instead of Camilla?

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